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Easyfitter Partner Program

Love what we do and want to affiliate or collaborate?









We are interested in affiliating and collaborating with health and wellness influencers and business owners.

So if you are a bodybuilder, gym-owner, personal trainer, pilates or yoga instructor or nutritionist or somewhere in this field we would love to collaborate with you or your clients to stay on track with personalised, portioned control convenience.

Easyfitter Partner Program.

Join us as we help clients shape the body and lifestyle, they
want through a holistic approach of the fuel they eat and the activities they undertake to create a life they love.

Easyfit Meals partners with those who share our passion for healthy living and helping clients with information about the benefits of a nutritional meal plan.

Becoming a Easyfit Meals Partner can be a hugely rewarding collaboration for your fitness or wellness business, as when nutrition is on point you’ll be achieving great results for you and your client in body, mind, and spirit.

Why Easyfit Meals

Focused on quality, transformation and convenience

As a nutritional, healthy ready-made meal delivery company our number one priority is to provide the healthiest and most affordable meals possible to our customers. We obsess over securing the right local ingredients, weekly recipes and customer service to ensure that anyone who orders Easyfit Meals are happy.

We are committed to helping you turn your customers into raving fans!


  • Generous commission for every referred order.
  • Customized programs for qualifying partners.
  • Collaboration on fitness programs.


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