Next Delivery Day: Monday 16 January
[Orders Close: Sunday 15 January 6pm]


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Orders need to be placed before SUNDAY 6PM to ensure delivery that week. Orders after this time will be delivered the following week

South of the River: Monday between 1pm-7pm
South of Kwinana: Tuesday between 1pm-5pm
North or the River: Tuesday between 1pm-7pm

Where we do NOT deliver to – Workplaces and gated or high-rise apartments where the driver needs to leave the van – There must be a safe place for the driver to leave the bag. See Delivery FAQ’s for more details..

Our Packaging is multi-use. To enable us to keep your food costs down please leave bag and icepacks out ready to be collected

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To Order this week:

Please order as normal just from your Ipad/Tablet or PC

OR Send an email to Support@easyfit.net.au

  1. Let me know what you would like to order (click on Pricelist)

  2. Your contact/ delivery details/ telephone number and

  3. I will contact you to confirm order and collect payment.


Thank you!

Next Delivery Day: Tues 1-6pm (NOR), Wed 10-5pm (SOR) & Wednesday fortnightly 11-4 bunbury and surrounds