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Our Story

Easyfit Meals was created in 2016 while I was still running a fitness business and it quickly became a true family affair.

First there was Mum...

The business was growing rapidly through word of mouth and one day when life got in the way Margherita (mum) came to the rescue. Cooking together until midnight we realised that an amazing team had just been born!

Then Dad…

Now, Dad loves growing his herbs and when we went through a stretch where herbs were quite hard to find, Dad started not only planting extra for himself, but started planting for us as well so we can have fresh herbs straight from the garden to give our clients.
When people ask “Where’s John?” Mum always says “He’s out in the garden kissing and singing to his herbs!” On a Monday Dad drops off the bucket of fresh herbs to us in the commercial kitchen. Dad is also our resident handyman coming to the rescue from installing things like the commercial can opener to fixing flyscreens.

Then Joshua…

A chip off the old block, Joshua is a budding entrepreneur. He started by selling sweets at school at the prime old age of 12 years old. Then he fell in love with jerky and started making small amounts for him and his friends. This then created an amazing opportunity to offer jerky to my clients who were already enjoying the sweet snacks that I was making. It took off… and the Jerky King brand was born…

And Finally Caleb...

My idea’s man and dad’s apprentice handyman is fabulous at supporting me in all and any of my latest ideas and plans to help people feel better and make their lives easier.
How lucky am I to have such a fantastic family behind me!

Vanessa x

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