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The EasyFit Difference is

there are No Menus

There is no one in Perth (that we know of) doing what we do





At Easyfit we do things a little differently... there is no menu!

Easyfitters like tailored, hassle-free variety and affordability… We love that! You personalise your selections and then we create the menu weekly in each range just as you like it

There is no Menu

Tell us what you don’t eat – then leave it with us to select and create the meals you do eat ensuring hassle-free convenience, variety, and affordability.

Your Nutritional Needs Covered

We have options for Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto (low carb) and even Bulk (high-calorie) for weightlifters. Portioned controlled and labelled to meet your goals.

21 Fresh Veggies

The veggies cook when the meal is heated- retaining their crunch and goodness and creating amazing sauces. (How many veggies do you put in your trolley?)

True local family run business – supporting the community

Mum runs the kitchen, Dad grows the herb and Joshua & I make the savoury and sweet snacks. We use local produce sourced fresh weekly. We support the local community with meals for those in need.

We ain’t Fancy…

We don’t provide ingredients you can’t pronounce; all sauces are made from scratch and we are preservative free.

What you see in the pictures is actually what you get!

Set and Forget Convenience and Variety

Set up your Subscription weekly, fortnightly or monthly and let us provide the variety!

OR – if you preferred place a One-off Order.

Are you an Easyfitter?

Best way to find out is by giving us a go…

How it Works


Choose & Personalise Your Meals

  • Choose your Range
  • No. of Meal packs
  • De-select the items you don’t eat
  • Add-on breakfast and snacks


Select, Prepare & Deliver

Margherita (mum) goes to town designing and preparing the meals based on what you have selected!


Simply... Eat & Enjoy

Our Easyfitters love opening their bags to see what they receive each week – and nothing is wasted!

Hassle-free convenience for the busy Perth mum, average joe or athlete - delivered to your door

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