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Feel great everyday – kids love it too!

Healthy carbs, fresh seasonal veggies and great proteins only 250-450 Calories

Feel great everyday – kids love it too!

Enjoy healthy carbs, fresh seasonal veggies and great proteins – all portion controlled.

Everyday healthy meals are for most people who lead healthy lives when combined with light daily exercise or training and physical activity but are bored with their current diet and looking for a bit of variety and a better body. You can achieve weight loss through these meals as we keep calories in mind when designing them and they are loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables. We try to keep a variety of meals to keep our clients receiving different meals and flavours each week.

The Easyfit Difference

We provide hassle-free healthy ready-made meals with the home-cooked feel delivered to your door.

At Easyfit we do things a little differently… (and our Easyfitters love it!)

There is No Menu

Our Easyfitters tell us that conveniencevarietyaffordability, and fresh produce is important and so we have recession-proofed the pricing by selecting your meals for you in line with your dietary requirements and range ensuring the best price and freshest meals each week.

YOU set your goal, personalise your preferences and dietary requirements

WE provide the variety and the fresh affordability every week with a rotating menu. See a sample menu below.

Convenience, variety and a better body!

Sample Menu

These meals will be served with a mix of sides Rice, Potato, Pasta or Quinoa.

This range will see you receiving meals that are healthy and nutritious, while still enjoying a variety of the foods

Beef Lasagne

Mex Beef and Rice 

Roast Chicken Mash and Gravy

Italian Beef with Mash

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Number of Meals

Step 2: Select your number of meals

Available in packs of 6,12,18,24 or 40.

For cost savings – buy in bulk.

For maximum variety we recommend a weekly Ongoing subscription

Step 3: Customise your order

Step 3: Customise your order

Please select any foods you DO NOT wish to be included in your meals. (Unfortunately, substitutions are not available.)

Do not include (Sides)

If you are ticking more than one box here, we suggest you choose our Keto / Low Carb meals

Do not include (Meats)

Special Dietary Requirements

Step 4: Add-ons


Convenient and healthy start to the day!

Start the day right with our amazing variety of keto-friendly meals including breakfast wraps, omelets, and of course eggs and bacon, and veggies. Only 135 -300 calories

When you start your day with protein – it may help to stop the snacking during the day!


Not as naughty as you think!

Dairy free, sugar free and gluten free these treats are suited to anyone with a sweet tooth!

  • Just over 100 calories each
  • Vegan and keto friendly

3 Pieces of Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free Snacks.Each week we prepare different options. These can include; Peanut Butter Cups, Caramel Cups, or Salted Pretzel & Chocolate Cups.

Beef Jerky

Enjoy the spicy or original deep Texan feel

  • Marinated for 48 hours then slowly dehydrated to give that rich earthy flavour.
  • Only 237 calories per 100gms

Freshly made Beef Jerky with no artificial ingredients, made by Jerky King.

Original: 100G ORIGINAL BEEF JERKY ($12.00)

Spicy: 100G ORIGINAL BEEF JERKY ($12.00)

Step 1: Order One-off or Ongoing

One-off is ideal as a gift for someone, to give us a try or to buy in bulk and freeze.

Ongoing is more cost-effective and delivery is available weekly or fortnightly (saving you even more money if you purchase in bulk).


250-350 calories per meal portion size

Each meal is loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables, healthy fats and good proteins.

Our extensive everyday range has a number of delicious dishes selected every week by Margarita – as well as our seasonal specials.


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