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Customised by YOU to meet your Dietary and Lifestyle Requirements

Live a plant-based life

Whether Vegan or Vegetarian, stay full, satisfied, and healthy.

Simple, yet super tasty!

• 20g of protein (avg)
• Only 250-400 calories

Feel great everyday – kids love it too!

Enjoy healthy carbs, fresh seasonal veggies and great proteins – all portion controlled

Convenience, variety and a better body!

• Dairy & gluten-free options
• Only 250-450 Calories

For a low-carb lifestyle

Loaded with fresh seasonal veggies, healthy fats, and fresh meat.

Ideal for weightloss!

• Under 8gms carbs (net)
• Gluten free
• Only 250-350 calories

Higher calorie meals

Ideal if you work long, strenuous hours, or want to build mass and regularly undergo gruelling workouts.

Energy to work & play hard!

• Dairy & gluten-free options
• 450-700 calories

All meals are portioned controlled and labelled to meet your goals
*Whilst we are unable to offer food specifically for Coeliacs – we do offer gluten free and all sauces are gluten and preservative free – made from scratch

How it Works

At Easyfit we do things a little differently… there is no menu!

Easyfitters like tailored, hassle-free variety and affordability… We love that!
You personalise your selections and then we create the menu weekly in each range just as you like it


Choose & Personalise Your Meals

  • Choose your Range
  • No. of Meal packs
  • De-select the items you don’t eat
  • Add-on breakfast and snacks


Select, Prepare & Deliver

Margherita (mum) goes to town designing and preparing the meals based on what you have selected!


Simply... Eat & Enjoy

Our Easyfitters love opening their bags to see what they receive each week – and nothing is wasted!

Why is the EasyFit different?

We pride ourselves on offering the busy perth mum, average joe, or athlete affordable, hassle-free convenience, variety, and freshness.
• We recession-proof our prices to meet your budget
• Offer variety – no matter what shortages are happening
• Fresh seasonal vegetables are selected every week personally by Vanessa

Save on food wastage, meal prep, and incorrect portion size (over OR under-eating)
Get your nutrition on point so that you get the results you want fast.

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