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How to set goals and achieve them with ease

With every new year comes a wave of new goal-setting ideas, strategies, and subscription products. While you could join many of the planning and motivational programmes available to help you reach your goals, it’s important to first master the basics of goal setting to keep your momentum into February and throughout the whole year. First, […]

How to Make 2023 Count: Evolution vs Growing Part 2

In part one of this blog, I shared how I picked a word that would guide me through the year to achieve what I set my mind to, without burning out. That word was ‘evolution’. As you know, ever since I chose ‘evolution’ as opposed to ‘growth’ I’ve never looked back. And in this article, […]

How to Make 2023 Count: Don’t just Grow – Evolve!

How to Make 2023 Count Don’t just Grow – Evolve!

PART 1 At the beginning of every year, we generally have the ‘all or nothing’ mindset. And usually people have the same desires every single year: to lose weight, make more money, improve our health, quit a bad habit or take up a new activity. Our goals are all about doing more, having more and […]

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